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Essential Oils can change
your life


Why Essential Oils? 

They can lift your mood by simply inhaling their fragrance, they may even help alleviate the symptoms of various conditions. Oils can provide respiratory disinfection, decongestant, and psychological benefits, among many other things. Inhaling oils has a quicker effect of distributing the sedative properties of certain oils in the body. Essential oils can stimulate areas of your limbic system, the part of your brain that plays a role in emotions and behavior… 

     In order to receive therapeutic benefits of essential oils you have to use QUALITY OILS! The oils sold at Walmart, GNC, etc are usually filled with synthetic components OR are farmed with the use of pesticides or other chemicals. I use a few different companies due to the results I have had personally. As well as the quality in which they obtain their oils. They sustainably harvest the plants in their native lands under the conditions which these plants are SUPPOSED to grow. They require the farmers to adhere to criteria of chemical and pesticide free cultivation. Companies offering cheaper department store or Walmart do NOT cultivate the plants in conditions designed for the plants, this alters the therapeutic effects as much as using chemicals can. 

How Am I Different? 

Most people sign up to SELL oils for profit. My goal isn't to make money off selling oils. My goal is to EDUCATE people on how to improve their health and the way they feel through the use of essential oils. I want clients to have the knowledge and resources to navigate the world of essential oils for themselves and their families.  

It is imperative people understand: 

  • How to use the oils effectively. 

  • How to determine which oils to use to suit them best. 

  • What the oils will provide for their body. 

  • When to incorporate new oils or change the use of oils they are currently using. 

  • Essential oils require investment and accountability in a person's health.  


I am always HAPPY to order any oils you may need.

However, it may better serve you to set up your own account so you can purchase the oils you need, WHEN you need them.

Once you receive your oils, I can arrange to meet with you to discuss how to use the oils you have purchased.

It is my goal to help you to learn how to use the oils so you can care for yourself and your family. I am always here to help you if you run into questions along the way.

Use the links below to sign up or place orders through recommended EO companies. 

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