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Suppressed Emotions.....

The Body is a life a hard drive, every experience we have ever had is SAVED and recorded on our hard drive.

As we understand the mind-body-spirit connection we can better understand how trapped emotions can contribute to chronic pain and physical ailments. We can also learn how these suppressed emotions are causing us our health. Emotions are ENERGY IN MOTION.

If this motion gets inhibited or stopped, the result is “trapped” energy in the body -trapped energy becomes STAGNANT - stagnant energy contributes to dis-ease.

We can go years (10-20+years or more) without realizing that we have trapped emotions. We also may not know where they originate from. We wind up holding on to blocked energy which over time will usually evolve into pain or a chronic condition.

Our social and cultural conditioning starts at birth and is well imprinted by the time we turn 7 years old. It is reinforced throughout the rest of our lives by our parents, friends, teachers, family members, and society. .

A lot of the muscle tension (suppressed emotion) that we develop is the result of unspoken social beliefs that we were taught to adopt as a way of being “accepted,” liked or even LOVED.

Trauma can be caused by an overwhelmingly negative event that causes a lasting impact on your mental and emotional state. While many kinds of trauma are physical (violent) in nature, others are psychological (mental/emotional). Some traumas are not even actual EVENTS, they result from OUR PERCEPTION of the events.

When trauma isn't dealt with, it can result in chronic fear, stress, or PTSD. These emotions of chronic anxiety, anger, and grief get stored within the body. This results in muscle tension which contributes to illnesses such as fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, autoimmune disorders, lung conditions, mental illness, or cancer.

Emotional tension is any form of anxiety, frustration, sadness or anger that we develop as a result of our perceptions. The more negative our mindset is, the more tension we tend to store in our muscles. A negative mindset (fearful or fault-finding) will distort our daily perspective. We will SEE the negative more easily. This will also work to FEED our own negativity making it more and more difficult to break free of negative thinking. This thought process MUST BE CORRECTED for healing to begin to take place.

The Process: