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About Me

    I began my nursing career in 1997. Over the years, I spent time employed in many aspects of conventional nursing only to be left wondering why we handed out pills for disease and illness instead of finding out WHY people had the condition in the first place. All of that changed in 2015 when I accepted a position in a Functional Medicine office. Suddenly things began to make sense. 

     Within the  first couple of years I worked here, I was diagnosed with LUPUS. I refused to begin medication, even though I was told it was my ONLY OPTION. I spoke with the physician I worked for and followed his recommendations. Instead of medication, I began supplements. I changed my diet and saw my symptoms begin to improve. However, I was certain there was MORE

    In 2019, I met a dear friend who introduced me to essential oils. I added them to my daily regimen and THAT is when I began to see significant changes in my overall physical and mental health. I thoroughly embraced the concept and really threw myself into learning the various ways to use them. My friend also trained me on Quantum Biofeedback. I was amazed at results that can be achieved when utilizing it in conjunction with the oils.

    While on this journey with essential oils, I learned about blocked emotions and how those unprocessed issues can affect the body. I was excited to learn how the oils help enhance the release of these emotions and allow the body to begin to reset. This knowledge has led me to a much-improved quality of life and a greater understanding of my body and what it needs to heal.

     In 2021 I enrolled in a Professional Level Aromatherapy Course through Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies. I am in my final semester of this advanced level of training to be a Certified Aromatherapist Practitioner.  

    I am truly the happiest when I am able to help others. I want everyone to have the same opportunities to improve their health as I have found.

    I cant wait to assist you with your wellness journey!

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My Philosophy

    My thought has always been "The worst patient is the uneducated patient. They don't understand their disease. They don't know how to get better. And they don't know the questions to ask to gain the knowledge." 

  • I want to arm people with the knowledge to improve their health.

  • To be able to understand and communicate with their Doctor better.

  • To KNOW their rights and how to advocate for themselves.

  • I want to help people listen to and understand their bodies better. 

I want to help people reach the highest form of wellness they can achieve. 

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