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About Me

             I began my nursing career in 1997. Over the years, I spent time employed in many aspects of conventional nursing only to be left wondering why we handed out pills for disease and illness instead of finding out WHY people had the condition in the first place. All of that changed in 2015 when I accepted a position in a Functional Medicine office. Suddenly things began to make sense. I gained a holistic knowledge of the body and how it MUST BE SUPPORTED physically, emotionally and spiritually if it is to heal. You have to change what you put IN your body! Are you feeding the HEALING process? or the DISEASE process? (Every dietary choice is feeding one side or the other) You have to change limiting |self-beliefs that are holding you back! You have to let go of suppressed emotions and deep traumas that you have locked inside. Just because you choose to "not to think about them" doesn't make them go away! Emotions create hormones in the body! These hormones can facilitate disease or illness. 

             You must also understand that your body is ENERGY. It has a constant flow of energy within it. Just light your circulatory system and your lymphatic system, the energy must FLOW! If it becomes stagnant, you may begin to experience disruptions or physical symptoms! Stress must also understand the impact of stress and anxiety on the body. SO MANY have no idea that they are HIGHLY IMPACTED by stress! (Physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically) I myself had no idea the toll that stress had been taking on my body....


              At 43 years old. I had been struggling with a series of symptoms that were becoming physically limiting for me. Bilateral joint pain in my ankles, hips, shoulders and wrists.  I was always short of breath. I was using my inhaler 6-10 times a DAY because I felt like I couldn’t take a deep breath. I was susceptible to any cold or virus of the respiratory tract that came my direction. I had made an appointment with my PCP and so, there I sat in his office waiting to get the results of my recent testing.

              Being a nurse, I had already drawn my own conclusion and he only proved to confirm my suspicions. I was DIAGNOSED with LUPUS. I was told I was experiencing a rapid decline and at my current rate, I would likely be in a wheelchair and “probably on oxygen” by the time I was 50yrs old. This was terrifying! It was also unacceptable to me!

              I had taken an office nurse position for a Functional Medicine doctor when I was 40. I had spent the 3 years BEFORE the diagnosis learning about holistic medicine and how, given the right conditions, that the body can heal itself. I refused to go on medication for my symptoms. My PCP was supportive but also felt that it was a bad decision given how much pain I was in and how quickly my condition had deteriorated from the initial manifestation of symptoms.

              I wanted to pursue a NATURAL route and work to HEAL my body. Not start medications that would potentially harm my body in other ways and only work to compound my problems. However, I promised him that I would return and START the TREATMENT of his choice if I got no relief from my symptoms. We decided 3 months was a fair amount of time to allow me to “look at alternative options.”

              I met with my employer that afternoon and got a game plan in place. I also began working with our in-house dietitian and completely altered my diet. Within 3 weeks my pain was 50% better. In 3 months my pain was 80% better. I maintained myself at 80% improvement for quite some time, but deep in my soul I knew there was MORE. It laid beyond food and supplements. I found the MORE in addressing suppressed emotions and traumas through meditation and the use of ESSENTIAL OILS. These gems facilitate healing and restoration at the spiritual and emotional level. 

              Needless to say, I never started the medications mt PCP had recommended….only a journey. A journey that has allowed me to begin the healing process. And allowed for something that was unexpected to me…… I began to FIND ME.

              This journey had been exciting, scary, empowering, happy, sad, frustrating and intriguing along with 1000 other emotions along the way. It has been an adventure in which I have grown and evolved through trial and error.  I have come to understand that I am "highly sensitive" and what all that entails. How that can impact (positively AND negatively) the healing process. I also know that there is no ONE METHOD that heals you completely. We are LAYERED BEINGS and therefore it goes without saying we heal “in layers.” 

            Healing is a PROCESS. Not an END GOAL to reach.

              You may have a specific issue that you want to improve, heal or focus on, but once that area is improved there will be another behind it that needs JUST AS MUCH focus and attention. It is a slow and overwhelming process in the beginning. Once you understand the way it works, it becomes much easier to navigate.

             My goal is to provide a compilation of the methods, information and modalities I have found helpful along my journey. Through emotional education, Energy Movement Method Mediation, and Aromatherapy, I hope to offer you insight and inspiration as you embark on your OWN JOURNEY.

            I am truly the happiest when I am able to help others. I want everyone to have the same opportunities to improve their health as I have found.  I can't wait to assist you with your wellness journey!

XO- Angel

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My Philosophy

    My thought has always been "The worst patient is the uneducated patient. They don't understand their disease. They don't know how to get better. And they don't know the questions to ask to gain the knowledge." 

  • I want to arm people with the knowledge to improve their health.

  • To be able to understand and communicate with their Doctor better.

  • To KNOW their rights and how to advocate for themselves.

  • I want to help people listen to and understand their bodies better. 

I want to help people reach the highest form of wellness they can achieve. 

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